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Orion builds custom AI software for businesses looking to grow revenues and reduce expenses in four steps:


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Data Gathering

We will source high-quality data and structure them for training your AI model.



We will train your AI model on the gathered data for it to autonomously manage tasks in new contexts.



We will deploy the expertly trained AI model and provide ongoing assistance.

Johannes Krause

"The team at Orion were able to guide us through the difficult process of understanding how AI works and how to implement it in our business. Their ability to break down complex concepts and design a strategy that was tailored to our specific needs was impressive."

Integrate AI solutions in as soon as 3 weeks.

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• Assists customers who do not recognize charges on their credit cards.
• Collects their card data, explains the charges, and is also able to offer refunds.
• Random card data should be used when interacting with this demo.

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Real Estate Appraiser:

• Predicts the price and rent of a real estate property in any of the counties of the state of Virginia.
• Although not required, provide an address for most accurate results.

Estimated value: $100,000
Estimated rent: $1,233

* Applications above are demos of projects built for clients with limited-size AI models.

* Application above is a demo of a project built for a client with a limited-size AI model.


Hi, I’m Komninos

I had always been captivated by AI, and that passion now fuels Orion's mission to revolutionize successful businesses with innovative solutions.


With my role as the founder, I prioritize excellence in service and building lasting relationships, ensuring each client feels valued and supported.

Komninos Chatzipapas

Founder & AI Developer

Ravi Kumar

"Orion's AI know-how has amplified our competitive edge in a saturated market. They quickly grasped our business model and helped us create processes based on AI that freed up the hands of our staff to tackle more important problems."

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Aram Petrosyan

"We consulted with Orion for potential AI applications in our business. Despite not moving forward, we found their expertise to be far more superior to other AI professionals we engaged with."

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